Preschoolers, Toddlers, and Infants

Preschoolers, toddlers, and infant kids having loads of fun learning about Jesus is what we are all about! We learn, play, serve, sing, and praise God as young followers of Christ. On Sundays, we learn that Jesus is our friend and about the Bible in ways we can understand. Our nurseries and classrooms are well-staffed and simply amazing

By the end of pre-K, we desire our children to:

           - Know that the Bible is a book that tells about God and Jesus.

           - Know the name of God, Jesus, and some Bible people.

           - Know that God loves them.

           - Hear the names of many of the books of the Bible.

           - Be able to say some Bible words and repeat short phrases.

           - Be able to listen to brief Bible stories. 

Elementary School

Christ's Church ministry to Elementary School children is engaging and fun! Your child will grow, laugh, and learn about Jesus!

Our aim is for your children to experience the love of Christ and embrace Jesus Christ personally, so they develop into young adults with a mature and solid faith.

Our curriculum will encourage your children to live out their faith in practical ways. Every lesson is filled with fun activities, and music.

We have trained teacher volunteers who lovingly guide and nurture your children in their spiritual education.

Parents are encouraged to stop by to see what the children are learning, and your children are encouraged to bring friends along.

We can't wait to see your children's smiling faces on Sunday!

By the end of sixth grade we want our children to be able to:

    - Identify a time when they made a commitment to Jesus Christ and were baptized.

    - Identify all the books of the Old Testament and all the books of the New Testament.

    - Pronounce most of the names of Bible people, places, and things

    - Memorize God's plan of salvation and know how to use the Bible to tell someone about God and Jesus.

    - Establish the discipline of daily Bible reading

    - Apply biblical principles to personal and social issues

    - Know the 10 Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, and the Nicene Creed

    - Be able to articulate the core doctrines of Christianity

    - Know the importance of Holy Communion

    - Understand, walk in, and identify the gifts the Holy Spirit.