All Intensive Training Tracks and Workshops will happen on Saturday, October 27, 2018. The day begins at 8:15am with Morning Prayer and we will then hear from Archbishop Foley Beach and Bishop Keith Andrews. The Intensive Training Tracks will be excused to begin at 10:00am and the Workshops begin at 10:55am (Session 1) and 11:40am (Session 2). All are invited, so please register. To register click here.

Intensive Training Track I: Incarnational Missional Disciple-Making: Making Disciples Personally Through Triads/Quads (10:00am)

We have set aside a time for intensive exposure to the principles, processes and practices of effective disciple-making in the 21st Century. While a few will be attracted to our worship services and programs, the vast majority of those we are called to reach will only come to Christ and a deeper walk with Him if we give them the kind of personal attention that Jesus gave to His disciples. Dean Scott Pedersen+ and Fr. James Linton are practitioners of this approach and have much to share with all of us about how to make disciples effectively. If your congregation has plateaued, is in decline or has not witnessed adult conversion in the past year or two, you and the people you lead will be strengthened by this time with these leaders. This training is designed for those involved in adult disciple-making.
Intensive Training Track II: Missional Community Formation & Disciple-making Through Oikos and Deeply Rooted (10:00am)
Our friends and family of Holy Spirit Anglican in San Diego have begun a process of forming missional groupings that bridge relationships between the church and the wider community. Fr. Brian Hughes has led his church in the formation of Oikos (household groups) which serve as environments not only for fellowship but for Gospel sharing with Christian and non-Christian alike. Holy Spirit Anglican has benefited from the expertise of Gabby Manriquez who is making disciples through the Deeply Rooted process. If your groups are inwardly focused or lack skills in reaching for unchurched people, I commend this training opportunity to you with Fr. Brian and Gabby. The training is designed for those interested in the formation of small groups and local mission activities.

Workshops Session 1: 10:55-11:30am

Needs Based Evangelism
Fr. Kevin Jones

Holistic Small Group Leadership
Fr. Justin Read-Smith, RM Dean

Evangelism Through Hospitality
Jill Maggs, Caren Spilsbury & Jenna Vazquez

Healing Prayer
Fr. Tim Laundrie

Fr. Peter Smith

Short-term Missions
Mark Kelley

Lay Missioner Introduction
Bishop Keith Andrews

How to Get the Most Out of Bible Study
Fr. Tom Phillips, AZ Dean

Reaching Hispanic People for Christ
Fr. Juan and Maria Marentes

Workshops Session 2: 11:40am-12:30pm

How to Meet Your Neighbor
Jeff Bisgrove
Disaster Preparedness/Wardens Cohort
Spencer Johnson and Fr. John King
Intercessory Prayer/Intercessors Cohort
Sue Ellen Warren
Starting a Life Ministry/Life Ministry Cohort
Deacon Georgette Forney, President, Anglicans for Life
Youth Ministers Cohort
Eric Overholt

Children's and Family Disciplers
Fr. James Linton

Treasurers Cohort
Cindy Drennan
Worship Leaders Cohort
Chuck Maggs
Administrators Cohort
Nioma Gardner and Jenna Vazquez
Adult Disciplers
Deacon Mat Allen and Ryan Eddingfield
Missions Team Leaders Cohort
Fr. Rob Holman and Mark Kelley