Love One Another
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Ron encourages us to follow Jesus example of self-sacrificial love by giving up our rights and reputations for the sake of loving one another and inviting the nations into the Kingdom of God.

Christ's Church
Behold the Lamb
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Pastor Ken invites us to behold the Lamb of God, Jesus, who knows the hurts and pains of his people and died to ransom his people back to God.

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Was Blind, But Now I See

Jason calls us to join people like Job, Thomas, John Newton, and Norma McCorvey who were once blind to what God was doing and wanted of them, but when they turned to Jesus were able to see clearly.

Christ's Church
Remember All His Benefits

Pastor Ken calls us to not give up remembering all the benefits and blessings that the Lord has given us so that we can be fully devoted to the Lord.

Christ's Church
Transfigured by the Love of God

From Moses’ face shining after conversing with God to Jesus’ glory being revealed on the mount of transfiguration, Pastor Ken calls us too to shine with the love of God that we might draw the world into his life.

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From Dishonor to Glory

Pastor Ken reminds us that though there are times when it seems like evil will prevail, God is always at work to set things right and bring us from dishonor to glory.

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