Transfigured by the Love of God

From Moses’ face shining after conversing with God to Jesus’ glory being revealed on the mount of transfiguration, Pastor Ken calls us too to shine with the love of God that we might draw the world into his life.

Christ's Church
From Dishonor to Glory

Pastor Ken reminds us that though there are times when it seems like evil will prevail, God is always at work to set things right and bring us from dishonor to glory.

Christ's Church
The Way of Life
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Pastor Ken calls us to heed the Scriptures’ warnings to avoid the ways of the world that lead to death, and instead to follow our Savior in the way of Life.

Christ's Church
Pray for the Kingdom to Expand

Pastor Ken calls on the church to continue to pray for the expansion of God's kingdom and encourages us with examples of God's faithfulness to hear our prayer.

Christ's Church
Called to Serve

Pastor Ken reminds us of the calling that God has placed on our lives, even before we were born, and of the blessings that come when we heed that call.

Christ's Church
Look to Jesus

Pastor Ken invites us to look to Jesus in order to see who the Father is, to understand the Scriptures, and to know who our brothers and sisters are in Christ.

Christ's Church
Discern the Body

Pastor Ken invites us to discern the body of Christ around us by caring for one another and meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters in prayer, word, and deed.

Christ's Church
The Light Shines in the Darkness

Ron reminds us from the prologue of John’s gospel that Jesus is the eternal Son of God, that the Son took on human flesh, and that through the death and resurrection of Jesus we may become children of God.

Christ's Church
Reconciled to Reconcile

Pastor Ken calls us to enter into the Christmas season with joy knowing that the Holy Trinity from eternity past has always wanted to reconcile us to the family of God.

Christ's Church
Christ Returns to Restore

Jason shares from the prophet Zephaniah that God delights in us, that God treasures us, and that he wants to restore us to himself through his Son.

Christ's Church
Prepare for the Coming King

Fr. Steve Kennedy calls us to enter fully into the season of Advent by following the call to repentance uttered by the prophets Malachi and John the Baptist so that we can be prepared for the return of Christ.

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