World Mission

Russ and Heidi Smith 
Santiago, Chile

It has been more than 25 years since Russ and Heidi arrived in Chile. Over the years they have worked in various locations throughout Chile. On April 1st, 2012 they began serving at "El Salvador" Church in the Santiago borough of San Joaquin. Russ serves as a minister of the church and Heidi teaches at Santiago Christian Academy and is involved in the Children's Ministry at El Salvador. 

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Pastor Oleg - Estonia

Pastor Oleg has been affiliated with Christ's Church since its inception. He serves as the pastor of two churches in Narva and Tallin, Estonia, providing services in Russian. He travels by bus every other week to offer these services. Pastor Oleg also serves a Christian counseling ministry in a local prison, and has baptized many inmates. He is the author of two books and is becoming known around eastern Europe for his writing and speaking. Some of our support helps with his travel expenses and spreads the gospel. This is one of the most under-evangelized areas in the world, with less than one percent of the population being Christian. 


Steve Velenski - Czech Republic

Our Missionary in the Czech Republic is Steve Veselsky. He was born in the Czech Republic and when he escaped from behind the Iron Curtain he made his way to the United States. In his words “ I found the freedom to follow God and teach his word without fear.” He risked death in escaping the Iron Curtain, but after a few years in the US he said to himself “is this it, is this all there is to living free?” He decided he would return to his homeland and try to reach the people of his highly atheistic nation. 

Steve has been translating the Book of Common Prayer into Czech. He is now forming a group that will meet regularly for evening prayer. He also has a dream to provide a Retreat Center to serve the persecuted church and her missionaries.

Steve does not know from day to day what price he might have to pay to bring Christ’s message of freedom to his brothers and sisters of the Czech Republic. Steve asks us to stand with him and be part of God’s work in this nation that denies his existence. He humbly asks for our fervent prayers and to continue our support to help him reach his monthly pledges that SAMS requires.