Meet Mary McKinney

I wanted to introduce you to our dear sister, Mary McKinney. Some of the people at our church have a long standing relationship with her. We have some members who have known her for over 30 years.

As a young woman at the age of 19, Mary found herself pregnant and homeless. She thanks God that there was a family that showed her hospitality for two years while she got an education and got on her feet. Ever since then, Mary has been passing the blessing on.

For over forty years, Mary and her husband have been serving the San Bernardino community. They provide warm meals every Thursday for the poor in the community. Mary is passionate about blessing the poor, because she knows she has been blessed by God. When the San Bernardino Sun asked her to reflect on her life, she said, "God didn't give up on me, and somehow, miracles do happen."

As we've been reflecting on living justly the last few weeks at church, Mary shines as a wonderful example. She received mercy from God and is one who consistently performs justice. 

Christ's Church has been one of the churches partnering with Mary to cook a Thanksgiving meal for the needy every year since the church began. This ministry is such a blessing to our church, as Mary continues to shine as someone who does justice, loves mercy, and walks humbly with God.

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