Glorious Name

This Sunday we'll be singing a new song by Brady Toops called "Glorious Name." Be sure to listen to it so you can sing along.

I often find it difficult in my prayers to extemporaneously praise Jesus, not because I don't think he deserves it, but because I'm still trying to become comfortable with praising. We really don't do a lot of praising in our culture. Songs like this give me a melody to match those praises to, which helps me get past my discomfort and fall out of focus on myself and my needs and into a deeper awareness of God and his presence and his worth. 

In the song we sing, "For you are the Lord, the Lord God so merciful; You are the Lord and you're abounding in loving kindness; You are the Lord, full of grace and full of truth; Oh you never change; What a glorious name!" When I'm able to lose myself as I declare the truth of how wonderful Jesus is I'm able to worship much more freely. Like the 1920s song Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus says, as we focus on Jesus the things of earth grow strangely dim because he is so much more wonderful and worthy than anything else. -Ron

Christ's Church