Meet the Vestry Candidates: Alan Leach

Alan Leach


How long have you been a member of Christ’s Church and why did you make it your church home?

I attended the very first organizational meeting at Mary Mann’s to find out what it would take to organize a new church under the Anglican umbrella. I began going to the church as soon as it started in homes and later at the Congregational Church in Highland. I ceased attending for several months and sampled several other churches trying to discern a worship place and style that could replace my lifelong Episcopalian background. When Christ’s Church began meeting at the High School, I decided that the Anglican theology closely matched what I believe, and therefore began attending there. Since then, as the needs arose, I have been involved in almost every ministry and job that makes the services work there. I served three years on the Vestry as Junior Warden, and found the position very satisfying as I represented the concerns of our parish members. I now consider the members of this church to be my family.

How have you grown as a disciple of Christ over the past year?

Probably the greatest influence in the past year on my discipleship has been the Triad that I joined. Pastor James has really helped me look at my beliefs and understanding of the call to spread the gospel. We discovered that in my daily life I had very few contacts and conversations with people outside my comfort circle of friends. Since that discovery, I have tried to have three conversations a week with people that I meet on an occasional basis, and am learning to watch for opportunities to discuss how Jesus influences my life. Secondly, I now regularly attend a prayer group where I am becoming more comfortable about praying for all different kinds of needs, thanks and blessings.

What is your vision for Christ’s Church?

 I am looking forward to having a physical presence in Yucaipa. While a church is not a building, but rather the people who attend and belong, it has been difficult to project ourselves as a place of worship when our banners are only put up for a few hours on Sunday. My vision is to grow our membership locally, and to reach out within Yucaipa to help the needy. Several of the larger churches in town are well known, and I hope that we may join them as a known entity that offers a friendly atmosphere of fellowship and family.

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