Post-Election Anxiety | Jordan Spano

Look up: Every person who did not vote or whose vote was not for the president-elect is now a harbinger of God’s judgment upon the earth. Time is up! Jesus is coming in the next decade… or something. If you think that reasoning is silly, you might know a lot of people who have some silly thoughts this year. They may be you, your friend on social media, your news reporter of a neighbor, or your local sage in the pews. Regardless, this election has brought more than topics for satirical table-talk: it has brought anxiety.

How will Trump govern? What are his policies, and how will they affect me or my children? How will they affect the Church? What about abortions, babies, healthcare, economics? Jesus, come back anon!

Woah. It’s time you, I, we take a step back and realize something critical: The President of the United States is not on the throne. That spot has been taken since day zero. There is nothing you can do, the Litigious Left or the Radical Right or the Pompous President can do to change that. Jesus has taken every concern of yours and your progeny and has vouchsafed them to the Father. The United States is not falling apart; the government is not being sieged by a massive mob-insurrection; and Christianity is not dissolving. But things are changing… fast.

It’s not the political, economic, fill-in-the-blank climate you should be anxious about. It’s about people.

There are people who have never stepped a foot in the vicinage of a church, of the host of Christ’s gathered people, or even of a family religious holiday party; and they are right next to you. Maybe they aren’t in the church pews, but they are in restaurants, coffee shops, cubicles, bank and grocery lines, neighborhood houses, and more than you know. These are your lost, beloved, prodigal people of peace, and they need to know what you know: that Jesus is still, now and ever, reigning King.

I have seen people most dear to me spiral into fits of undue rage, anxiety, and social disparagement (through our lovely Facebook) because of something one person said about another person about something. Does that convey our hope in Jesus Christ? Is Nero perched above his kingdom, arraigning Christians for either their renunciation or death? We are beyond blessed by the God who is watching and in the midst of all this tumult.

Do not forget that God has always been on our side. He is not for the Right; he is not for the Left; he is not for a political party. He is for the Kingdom of Jesus, for whom we are ambassadors. Ambassadors of a hope that never dims, sways, or dies; a hope that confronts worry and tells it to be of good cheer, that Jesus has overcome the world.

To whom will the anxious people look? A cowering, disaffected church, or the very same church who was put to death and raised with Christ in order to invade the world with love and sure victory? It is time for you to pray, think, and live as an ambassador of Jesus in this post-election season.

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