Serious Discipleship


At the very center of the Christian Gospel there is the message of forgiveness of sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christianity teaches us that we are unable to do anything to bridge the gap that our sin makes between us and God. Only through Jesus' perfect life, his death in our place, and his rising from the dead do we have hope of relationship with God and everlasting life.

There’s also more to the story. Jesus did not simply come to grant you forgiveness of sins and the way to enjoy fellowship with God. He came to make you brand new. He came to change you into a person whose life is worth imitating. Jesus changes our lives so much that Saint Paul was able to say “Follow me as I follow Christ,” and mean it. 

The Christian life is a journey. It’s a journey from being a person who could never take a step toward God into a person like Jesus. It’s a journey from being self-centered toward being God-centered and others-centered. It is a journey from being mortal to immortality and from a life lacking impact to a life full of impact. Sometimes, the journey is difficult because it requires us to become totally different people, but we believe we can do it with God's help.

At Christ’s Church, we want to invite you on that journey with us. We take it seriously when Jesus told us to become like him. We won’t quit until we’re like Jesus. We believe that, in Christ, you’re capable of becoming like him too. At Christ's Church you’ll be challenged to become everything God intended you to be through union with Jesus.

Get challenged to become everything God meant you to be.

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