A Church That is Family


Sometimes it’s seen as normal or even as desirable. We think we want to go into a church, sit toward the back, listen to some uplifting music, hear a sermon, and then get out without being noticed. Some people even think they want to be anonymous. 

That’s crazy talk. What we all want is to be known and loved. When we think we want to hide, we’re listening to a voice that we should silence. It’s a voice that tells us we’re unlovable and that if people got to know us deeply and intimately, they wouldn’t love us.

At Christ’s Church, we are a family. There’s nowhere to hide at Christ’s Church. We get to know each other. But, we’ve come to realize that we have never really wanted to hide anyway. We’ve found some of the deepest friendship you could have in one another.

If you’re looking for a place to hide, we aren’t a good spot for that. If you’re looking for a family to belong to and to grow with, we’ve got you covered.

Try experiencing the Church the way God would have us experience it. Try joining a family.

Christ's Church