Meet our Vestry Candidates: Jan Wilkin

How did you come to faith in Jesus Christ?

I would say I always have had faith. I was baptized as an infant in church. I was schooled at church in Sunday school , Bible studies, reading his word andchurch History from my youth through the present day; all furthering and deepening my faith on a daily walk with Christ

Why do you attend Christ's Church?

I attend Christ's church because it is a Biblically based, believing salvation is only through Christ. Christ's Church also promotes leading a life doing what Christ wants us to do helping poor and needy, living our life as Christ did  and spreading his word to others.

What is your vision for our church?

My vision for the church is to grow God's flock as he wants and stay focused in the Bible. We need to be a prayer driven church , listening to God , doing what he asks of us not the other way around. Our daily prayers are for our clergy and their families and the families in our church for protection from evil. I would like to see open communication and intercessory prayer for clergy, vestry, and our members. I would like to see a financially balanced church budget.

Christ's Church