Last week I came home from work and saw that one of the trees in our apartment complex had a huge branch broken off of it. It was hanging over the sidewalk, over the stream, and even onto someone’s balcony. It had been windy the day before, but the tree held until the next day when it couldn’t take the pressure and the branch fell.

The next day we could hear saws going off as men cut up the branch that had fallen to take it away. I didn’t think much of it until the following day when my wife and I noticed that they didn’t just take out the branch; they removed the whole tree. This huge, beautiful tree had one branch break off of it and the decision was made to get rid of the whole thing.

I think our brokenness is kind of like that tree in a way. We see our brokenness like that branch. It’s out in the open, getting in the way of others and even invading the space of some. People know that we’re broken in certain ways.

It’s that public brokenness that we’re often willing to confess to friends and to the Lord for healing and forgiveness. There’s nothing wrong with confessing the brokenness that people know about, but the truth is we’re completely broken. It’s not just the branch that needs to go; it’s the whole tree. When we give our lives over to Christ, we’re not just offering up the bad parts that we’re comfortable with admitting to others. We’re commanded to give our whole life to Christ so that he can redeem the whole thing.

Lately I’ve become aware of how subtle and entrenched my brokenness is. I’m aware of the major ways that God needs to redeem me, but there are so many other subtle things like re-visiting an old argument in my head or letting my pride swell when I see God do something good through me. The evil that is still inside of us isn’t always obvious, but it’s there. The Holy Spirit wants to indwell us in totality, changing every fiber of our being to be like the Son of God.

It’s hard to confess and believe that every part of me is decayed by sin, but it really is good news to know that God is going to heal us completely.

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