Common Made Holy

It had been a crazy day. We had a worship service in the morning, one in the evening, and a class in the afternoon.

About 45 minutes before the service, something dawned on me.

I don’t have any bread.

We were going to be celebrating the Lord’s Table that night, as we do whenever we gather for worship. No bread is a problem if you’re going to celebrate that meal.

I rushed off to the store. It was my birthday and we were having a few people over so I picked up some plastic cups and napkins.

So, along with the plastic cups and forks, I picked up this bread. I snapped a picture of it on the way in the door for the service:

Now, something about rushing around and purchasing that bread along with the red solo cups that Toby Keith loves to sing terrible songs about made something strike home to me even more clearly.

This bread is just so common.

It is so common. There is nothing particularly special about it. It is the same bread anyone can pick up at Fresh and Easy for 2 bucks. I threw it in a bag along with the red solo cups and rushed to the service.

And, yet, we know what God does with that bread. Through that common bread, God meets with us in a special way. In a mystery that no one understands, God gives us His very life through this bread when we celebrate the meal together in faith.

This is my body. This is my blood. That is what he said. And through that common, 2 dollar bread that I bought along with some plastic cups, God gave Himself to us. He transformed what is common into something holy.

And this is great news… because God does the very same thing with us.

See, we know the truth about ourselves. We know that there is nothing particularly special about us. We know that we get tired, cranky, hungry, and annoyed. Whether everyone else sees it or not, we know the truth about ourselves…

We are common.

That is why what God does with that bread is such great news. God loves taking common things and making them holy. He can do it with the Fresh and easy bread… he can do it with you and me.


Christ's Church