God is Always Able

The other day, I was out with Pastor Brian. He made a bit of a bonehead move, and his Hyundai Accent ended up stranded in between two driveways on a divider. The car was resting on the axle and the tires had no traction.

Besides trying my best to swallow my laughter, I wasn’t sure what to do. Brian and I decided to try to lift the car off the divider. After all, it’s a small car. A couple brawny men should have no trouble lifting the car. So we lifted as hard as we could.

The car didn’t move.

Not even a single inch.

At that moment, I wished I was more like this guy:


Brian and I are not like this guy. No matter how much we wanted to, we weren’t moving that car. And even the beast in the picture has limits. He couldn’t do that with a bus or a train. As people, we know what it is like to hit our limits. We know what it’s like to want to do something and not be able to do it.

God is nothing like that. Nothing.

I read something last week in one of Augustine’s prayers that stuck with me ever since: “Your will is not greater than your power.” (Confessions, 7.4)

The Scriptures put the same idea a different way: “Nothing will be impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).

Think about that. God’s will is not greater than his power. God never wants to do something he can’t do. He is always capable. He is never limited. 

More than anything else, this shows us how different God is than us. We run into limits all the time. God never does.

If there is a difficulty, trial, or tragedy in your life, cast it on God. He is the only one whose will never exceeds his desire.


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