God Speaks Through the Unexpected

We have all looked down at our phone to see this problem, right?


Uh oh!

How long have I been talking to their voice mail?

What did I say? I hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing.

About a week ago, I looked down at my phone, I was doing something quite embarrassing when I pocket dialed Ron. Our worship team was struggling with a song before I had gotten in the car.

So, I was staging a mock conversation with myself and singing the song to help the person leading the song, who wasn’t in the car (no one was in there) learn the song better.

To summarize, I was talking to myself and singing a worship song. Not exactly what you want to be doing when you pocket dial somebody.

Ron made fun of me a little that evening. When I joked about it with him over a text message later that week, though, he had a perceptive comment. Here’s what he said:

"That voice mail was unintentionally applicable. It could have been gibberish or random portions of a conversation, but it wasn’t."

As I thought about it, Ron was absolutely right. Christians have long taught that God is the King over all the earth. Nothing happens that he doesn’t permit or guide under his creative providence.

That means, we can find God’s work anywhere. He can speak out of a burning bush (Exodus 3), he can speak through a donkey (Numbers 22:22-33), he can speak in a whisper (1 Kings 19), he can speak through a confrontational prophet (2 Sam 12), he can speak through our bibles (2 Tim 3:16-17). He can even speak through pocket dials from bad singers.

God is God over all things. We can look for his hand at work anywhere and always ask what God is trying to teach us.

Christ's Church