Joining the Symphony of Creation

I love playing music. There’s nothing I love more than pulling out my bass guitar and jamming with a band. You can probably tell I’m having fun here:

One thing you have to do to play music well is to sacrifice a little of your individuality. I may like some songs better than others or some chord progressions better than others. But, if I am going to do a good job playing in a band, I am going to hold a steady beat, change chords at the right time, and fall into line.

I think God’s creation is a lot like a well composed music piece. God made the world, called it good, and everything worked well together. People cared for creation and one another. There was a rhythm of peace, stability, and mutual concern, with the whole creation serving God’s purposes.

The Hebrew sages called that Shalom.

Then Genesis 3 happened.

People rebelled against God. From that point forward we were broken. Now, rather than being inclined toward the symphony God was composing, we are all doing our own thing.


   The woman of Folly is Loud and seductive (Prov 9:13)

Because we are broken, we have this stupid tendency to go against the entire created order. Without the Spirit’s work, my natural tendency is to oppose the rhythm of the symphony of creation.

That’s because, as part of the Fall, we all inherited this impossible desire to define that rhythm for ourselves. I don’t want to be told what to do. I want to make the rhythm myself.

The Proverbs tell us, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (9:10). That is because, only through submission to God can we see where we have become out of tune, allowing God to bring us back into the rhythm of His created order.

We all need more than forgiveness. We need re-creation. We need to be re-tuned in order to rightly participate in God’s symphony of creation. Submit yourself to God today. Resolve to play his tune, not yours. I promise, it’s a lot better song.


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