Meet our Vestry Candidates

Our Annual Meeting is this Sunday. At the meeting, we will be voting on a slate of two candidates for the Vestry, Jack Jagoe and Dan Williams. This is a chance to get to know a bit about them.

A Letter from Jack Jagoe

Greetings brothers and sisters,

With many of you I have cherished and enjoyed sharing in Bible studies, fellowship after services and congregational activities. Recently my name was submitted to serve you as a member of the Vestry. The following is offered that you may become more acquainted with me and my services to Christ Church.

In our preparation to move to California from New Mexico in the summer of 2011, Charlene (Char) and I asked The Rt. Rev. John Gurnsey, Bishop of the former Diocese of the Holy Spirit, if he would recommend an Anglican church close to Yucaipa where we could attend with the opportunity of becoming members there. The Bishop, with an immediate response, introduced us to Christ’s Church, Yucaipa.

Our first visits to Christ Church revealed to us a praying church with warmth, caring and love that you all have with your outreach to people. Char and I now understand that you confirm this church’s trademark, “Reverent, Relevant, Relational.

I have had the honor in being responsible for worship service set-up and take down; being an usher; becoming acquainted with and understanding the neighborhood walk program; participating in The Fourth Day and Ultreya gatherings and for serving at two men’s Cursillos.

I believe that a congregation and a Vestry that together challenge and overcome difficult and seemingly insurmountable barriers will be richly rewarded by God. The warriors in the many stations within this church will, under God’s guidance, overcome the barriers that are and that will be facing us. I want to be involved in those challenges. I want to be active in glorifying God.

My vision is that the light of Jesus Christ shines from each of us as beacons showing where hearts are Reverent, the Word of God is Relevant to the needs of all who hear and that living in The Word is Relational to achieving the utmost that one can achieve in life.With your approval of me as a vestry member I pledge to you that I will, under God’s guidance, use my previous life and vestry experiences in faithfully serving this church and community.

In His Light,

Jack Jagoe, gratefully a member of Christ’s Church, Yucaipa, California.

An Interview with Dan Williams

Pastor Brian: How long have been a part of Christ’s Church and in what capacities have you served?
DW: I’ve been involved with Christ’s Church for about two years.  My wife Asun and I attended the first preview service and decided to become part of the launch team.  Since then, I have gone door-to-door with the Pastors, getting contact information and inviting people to the grand opening of the new service; I have been on a neighborhood prayer walk, donated to and fed the homeless at the Lutheran mission for the past 4-5 months and fed the homeless on thanksgiving in Muscoy.  I have attended neighborhood groups, and accepted the offer to lead a neighborhood group at my home on Wednesday nights for the past year or so. I used to help put everything away after the Sunday evening services.  
On Sundays, my wife and Sandy Murray are in charge of hospitality, providing the food and drink before and after service, so I buy donuts and help them.  I am part of a four-man team I organized which puts up and takes down the signs before and after church.  I sweep the entryway and hospitality areas, and make sure the church’s curtains, chairs, trees,altar and cross are correctly placed. My wife and I tithe regularly, with offering, and with buying food for Sundays and for the homeless ministry. We bought the coffee maker and much of the needed items for the grand opening.
Pastor Brian: Why do you want to serve on vestry?
DW: I want to see our church grow and prosper, and for the people here to grow in their walks with the Lord.  I am willing to serve in any capacity, so when I was asked if I would consider being on the vestry as a representative for the new service, I considered it an honor to have the opportunity to help make important decisions which affect the church’s future. 
Pastor Brian: What is your vision for Christ’s Church?
DW: I would like to see attendance continue to grow, and for the majority of those attending to be part of active neighborhood groups which are becoming involved in community service.  I would like to see the church acquire the right building we can call our home.  I would like to help to cultivate a church where people are excited to do more than just attend on Sundays; where people can feel good about being involved in a church where people’s lives are being changed, where people are growing in their relationships with the Lord and each other.
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