Memorial Day: A Time to Hope for a New Day

It’s Memorial Day.


As a nation, we have set this day aside to remember the people who have lost their lives in military service for our country.

It is appropriate for us to be thankful for them. As Americans, we enjoy a level of peace and freedom that is unparalleled. We should be thankful for our right to vote, dissent from the government, and worship our God in peace.

At the same time, as Christians, we must avoid glorifying war or celebrating war. We must also avoid America worship. We worship God. We submit to God-ordained authorities. We never must confuse the two. We never worship America. We never assume that God is on our side over the side of our enemies. We always recognize that our God’s love extends to our enemies.

A New Day is Coming!

Most importantly, we, as Christians, should be hoping for a new day. In the new day, no one, whether that be us or our enemies, will have to die in war anymore. One day, death will be destroyed. People will not fight any longer. The prophets say, “Swords will be turned into plowshares.” Weapons of war will turn into productive tools.


This Memorial Day, thank our troops. Pray for those who have lost their lives and for their families. Pray for the young children who will grow up fatherless because of the ravages of war. Most importantly, resolve to hope and work for the day when there is no war related death.

Christ's Church