When members of Christ’s Church got the word, they knew they had to do something. Mario, a beloved member of Christ’s Church who recently moved to an Assisted Living facility in the High Desert, had received some difficult news. After having a couple spills, he was told he was going to have to use his chair to move around unless he had some help.

He was pretty bummed out, as any of us would be. On top of that, it was his birthday. A few of our members had a great idea…

We should serenade him on his birthday!

So our church sprung into action. Twenty-five of us made the trip up the hill to surprise him for his birthday.

Check out his face when he saw us:

We got in a long line and presented him with flowers:

We serenaded him:

We also ate together. As we saw Mario, all of us had trouble holding back the tears. It was an extraordinary day of bringing blessing to our brother.

The Gospel really is great news. Not only are we reconciled to God by the work of Jesus, we are brought into a family. This family is meant to support each other through thick and thin, through wonderful times and difficult times.

This was such a beautiful embodiment of the family of God. It was a blessing to all who took part in it and I couldn’t have been prouder of our church family.

Pastor James

Christ's Church