Table for an Enemy

It had been a bloody battle. David had been chased from cave to cave and city to city. The entire time, he had been righteous. It didn’t matter. As soon as Saul knew that he was losing the kingdom, David was a marked man.

At the end of it all, there weren’t many left from Saul’s family. They’d all been killed.

And, here is the crazy thing: Them being killed grieves David.

So David is searching. He is looking for anyone that he can show kindness to from Saul’s family. His dear friend Jonathan, Saul’s son, was killed in the midst of all the fighting, and he wants to show kindness to someone in the family for his sake.

He finds a cripple. He summons him.

The cripple is quaking in his boots. When a family member of a former king is summoned by a new king, the results aren’t usually very good. Typically, it is the last trip anyone makes.

But David shocks him.

“You’ll always have a seat at my table.”

There is an intimate place in David’s inner circle for the crippled enemy.

And, the reason I love this story so much is because it is mine.


When the king summons us, we come as enemies and cripples. We are His enemies and have shaken our fists at Him. We are cripples and can do nothing to improve our lives. But, He is searching the world after the ravages of the Fall, seeking out crippled enemies that he can show kindness to for the sake of His Son.

Then he does the amazing, “You will always have a seat at my table.”

“This is my body.”

“This is my blood.”

God beckons us, his former enemies, to His table, where he is both the host and the meal. He says, “Come. Feast on me. Receive the new life I have purchased for you.”

It’s not too late. You’re an enemy of God? You’re a cripple who can’t make your life any better? Perfect. Those are just the types of people He beckons to His table.

Come. Feast on Him. Feast on new life.


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