The Eden Projects: Haiti

Earlier this month, our very own Rick Harrell left for a month long trip to Haiti. He is involved in a project to reforest the nation. Charcoal production and goats have completely destroyed the landscape. The picture below is the border between the Dominican Republic (where they have outlawed using live trees for charcoal) and Haiti and gives a clear picture of the devastation:

Rick and his team are working to reforest the nation through education and raising nurseries. They are doing this in the name of Christ, who redeems his entire creation through his death and resurrection.

As of a week ago, Rick had taught his material to over 260 teachers and community leaders, with plans to teach the same material to 320 more in the next few days.

In addition, several pastors in the area have started nurseries of their own in response to his work.

Here are some of the leaders he taught:

Here is one of the newest nurseries:

This work represents so much of what Jesus’ disciples are supposed to be about. Christian disciples are called to join God in his work to restore the entire created order from the damaging effects of the Fall. Praise God for the work he has begun in Haiti.

Rick has some prayer needs. First, pray against mosquitoes who spread several terrible diseases. Also, pray for Rick and his team’s safety as they lodge in some dangerous areas. Finally, pray for God to bless their efforts, send rain, and change the habits of an entire nation of people in order to bring trees back to this region.

Find out more about the work they’re doing here 

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