The last time I posted on here I mentioned that I work for a computer consulting company. One of the jobs I do on the side is write opinion articles for a website called Droid-Life. It’s a site that writes about all Android news.

While I have used many Android phones, about two years ago I began to use an iPhone as my main phone. I didn’t keep this a secret, but a lot of readers didn’t know. In my latest opinion piece I mentioned that my main phone is an iPhone and a lot of readers became irate. For many readers of Droid Life, Android is the only logical choice for a smartphone (maybe you caught that from the title of the website) and anything outside of that is laughed off, scoffed at, and ridiculed.

In America Christians aren’t normally laughed at, mocked, or ridiculed for their beliefs. Once in a while a militant atheist might mock Christianity and other religions, but for the most part what we believe is considered acceptable by the public. Christian behavior, on the other hand, is often laughed at. Sometimes doing the thing that God wants us to do seems like foolishness to the world, so we react in the worst possible way: we live like everyone else.

I think this particularly affects Christians in public. We’ve been convinced that we ought to act just like everyone else so that people won’t think Christians are such prudes, but the result has been that people think Christians are hypocrites. When we talk like the world, joke like the world, drive like the world, social network like the world, and spend money like the world, all that we communicate is that Christians don’t live any differently.

We shouldn’t shrink back from the threat of ridicule or laughing. Jesus warned us that if he deny him before people, he will deny us before his Father. Don’t fall for the trap of living like everyone else so that everyone thinks you’re just like them; you’re not. Live boldly in the reality that Jesus is calling you out of darkness and into light. You might get judged or mocked, but you won’t have to look back and wonder if anyone was unsure about your faith. Listen for the voice of the Spirit leading you to live differently than the world.

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