Pastor Brian Schulz

Pastor Brian with his wife Julie and their son Simeon. 

Pastor Brian with his wife Julie and their son Simeon. 

It is hard for me to call anywhere my home town. I was born in Indiana, but lived there only a short time before moving to California, Texas, Louisiana, and New York. Before reaching high school, I attended seven different schools. My father wasn't in the military, he just had a lot of job transfers. Growing up, my family did not attend church regularly; nevertheless, I somehow heard the gospel and gave my life to Jesus as teenager. It wasn't until college, though, that my faith became meaningful and life-changing.

After college, I joined the Peace Corps where I worked as an English teacher in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the time, I thought seriously about becoming a missionary, but eventually decided against it. I returned to the U.S. and started a career in marketing that that would last more than a decade. During this time, I felt a strong call strong pull into full-time ministry, but I kept running away from it.

Eventually, the Lord won out and I began my theological studies at Fuller in Pasadena. While in seminary, I got connected with a group of people who wanted to form a biblically-based church in the Inland Empire. I began working with them and within a few months, we launched Christ's Church. I have been the Lead Pastor ever since. I am married to a wonderful woman, Julie, and we have a son named Simeon.

My vision for Christ's Church is that we would become a close family who love the Lord with all of our beings, have a heart for the hurting and lost of our world, and seek to become fully equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit.