Christ’s Church is praying for and believing God will send us the Rector He has already pre-ordained and anointed for our Body of Christ. Our hope and prayer is that the Lord will stir the heart of this candidate to be drawn toward our church. We hope our new Rector will be able to grow with us into the coming decades by being willing to lead us in the following areas:


• Preach and teach God’s word from an orthodox point of view
• Love to worship our Lord and hold fast the Anglican traditions and sacraments, leading us into a Spirit-filled time of praise and thanksgiving
• Guide us to adopt music which supports spirit-filled worship

Disciple Making

• Be a maker of disciple-makers and exemplify and teach one-on-one evangelism
• Continue to grow participation in Bible studies so that every member of our congregation is involved in a group Bible study.
• Encourage each individual to personal, daily time with God, to know Him and His Word more and more

Mission and Outreach

• Understand the mission of the church in the present cultural milieu
• Be passionate about reaching the Inland Empire with the gospel of Christ
• Participate in growing our numbers with outreach and evangelism from our current average Sunday attendance of 94 to 150 within a year
• Be eager to lead the people of the church to Christian service to the community of Christ’s Church and beyond
• Be ready to lead the parish in acquiring new facilities as we outgrow our current worship facility


• Lead and develop leadership within the church to equip the saints for the work of service in the church, using their gifts to minister to one another
• Build a team of men and women to develop their spiritual gifts and to encourage them to serve in ministries within the church based on those spiritual gifts
• Delegate administrative tasks to capable staff and recruit able members of the body to lead all ministries of the parish and especially the Christian education program for adults and children


• Exemplify and model a personal, vital, growing faith in Jesus Christ
• Grow in love toward the congregation, being sensitive to their needs and directing them to get appropriate help when needed
• Be continually led by the Holy Spirit
• Have a strong commitment to marriage and family
• Develop a strong pastoral connection with each member of the parish (know your sheep)


Christ’s Church is a God-gathered congregation consisting of seasoned saints, faithful transplants, and maturing new believers. We are a blend of biblically faithful ex-Episcopalians, Charismatic believers, and Evangelicals all of whom love the sacramental/liturgical form of the Anglican Church. As a grace-filled, prayer-driven congregation we firmly stand for the absolute authority of sacred Scripture. From that place of confidence, we are highly motivated to move forward into the future of mission and ministry.

God has graced this church in countless ways over the course of its 13-year history. One of the many blessings is the privilege to send out six men for whom God has individually called to holy orders. Currently two priests are leading other congregations, and two are ordained deacons, also serving elsewhere. The final two, having completed the discernment process, are anticipating ordination to the transitional diaconate and professional ministry. Clearly God is working within our midst.

Christ’s Church is a vital group of people who are both inwardly and outwardly focused. Corporately we seek to grow in faith through discipleship training, spiritual gift discovery, small group, and faithful corporate worship. Outwardly, we desire to witness and dynamically participate as agents of God’s saving grace throughout Yucaipa and surrounding communities. Eager to move forward together in mission, we joyfully anticipate growth in weekly church attendance, discipleship, service, and outreach.


Mission Statement

Christ’s Church is a community gathered to make disciples who ABIDE in Christ – where they live, work and play.


Answering Jesus’ call to follow Him
Being transformed into His image
Imparting the gospel wherever they go
Depending on the Holy Spirit
Embracing God’s commands

Vision Statement

The transformation of every segment of society through the gospel of Jesus Christ in Yucaipa, the surrounding communities, and throughout the world.

Core Values

Spirit-led: Guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit
Faithful: Committed to follow the commands of Jesus no matter what life brings and to pass on his teachings to the next generation
Compassionate: Tenderhearted and responsive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the world
Forgiving: Committed to reconciling with all people, especially those who have hurt us; letting go of grudges and extending grace


In July 2006 our congregation began a series of formation and worship meetings at the home of Ken and Mary Mann in San Bernardino. Several faithful priests met with us, advised us and helped with our formation. The group was led to affiliate as a church plant of St. James Anglican Church, Newport Beach (now Costa Mesa). In late August 2006 we began worshiping on Saturdays at Highland Congregational Church (HCC) as Inland Anglican Fellowship (IAF). In September 2006 a Steering Committee was formed and our first Sunday worship at the HCC location was on Christmas Eve 2006.

In January 2007 at the at the committee’s request, St. James called Brian Schulz as a transitional deacon to provide pastoral care to IAF. In October IAF adopted the new name of Christ’s Church and, during the same month, Brian Schulz was ordained priest. In late 2007 and early 2008, delegates from Christ’s Church participated in the formation of the Diocese of Western Anglicans.

In June 2008, the congregation approved the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of Christ’s Church and confirmed the existing Steering Committee as the initial Vestry. The Vestry began work to discern a territory for Christ’s Church and to find a more suitable site for our worship.

In January 2009, the congregation amended the By-Laws and approved joining the Province of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). In April 2009, the Provincial Council of the ACNA approved the formation of the Diocese of Western Anglicans, with Christ’s Church as one of the formational parishes. In November, Christ’s Church Sunday morning worship services moved to Yucaipa High School and Pastor Brian Schulz was called as the first Rector of Christ’s Church.

In March of 2010 the Pastor and Vestry began efforts to encourage the formation of home-based prayer groups and Pastor Brian began weekly meetings to pray about and work toward the launch of a second service in the contemporary style. The first contemporary preview service was in June of 2010. In September, the Vestry approved James Linton’s application for ordination.

Early in 2011, James Linton was hired as a part-time pastoral assistant. In April 2011, Christ’s Church banners were first displayed on Sunday mornings on Yucaipa Boulevard in front of Yucaipa High School. In June, monthly prayer walks started in Yucaipa neighborhoods. James Linton was ordained a Deacon in July of 2011. In September, three members of the parish were sent on a mission trip to Estonia.

In July 2012, the Vestry approved changing James Linton’s part-time position to a full-time position. In August, James was ordained priest. The Parish participated in new neighborhood groups, prayer intercession training and our first Vacation Bible School. In December, Christ’s Church began offering Sunday evening contemporary “preview” worship services every other Sunday. Christ’s Church began offering two Sunday morning services in September 2013. Also in 2013, Pastor Brian was appointed Dean of the Greater Los Angeles Deanery of the Diocese of Western Anglicans.

In 2014, Christ’s Church began a more intensive search for a full-time worship facility. A facility search committee was appointed to evaluate possible sites for a full-time worship facility in 2014 and 2015, eventually identifying the former Yucaipa Valley Presbyterian Church on Avenue “E” as the best site. Throughout 2015 the committee would be engaged in negotiations and a 5-year lease would finally be negotiated to begin in 2016. Because this facility was badly in need of refurbishing, many of the members of the parish worked to paint the inside and outside of the church, build an altar and cross, and make other improvements and then move all of the physical assets of the church to the new location. Daily Morning and Evening Prayer services began in February 2016 while the renovations were still underway. The first regular services were on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday with Sunday services beginning in the new location on Easter Sunday, 2016.

In 2017, Christ’s Church continued discipleship development with fourth day groups, triads, Cursillo, and the Alpha Course. Congregation members were encouraged to invest in the community with Alpha Courses, outreach to the community at Calimesa Elementary School, the new movers’ program, door-to-door prayer, communal prayer, prayer groups, healing prayer, and other initiatives.

In June 2018, parishioners raised support to send Pastor Brian to GAFCON in Jerusalem as a delegate from our diocese. In August, Pastor James was called to serve as Rector of a growing parish at St. John’s Anglican Church in Salt Lake City. In December 2018, Pastor Brian was called to serve as Rector of St. James Anglican Church, Costa Mesa. During November, the congregation approved a 1-year extension of the current Vestry terms to ensure consistent lay leadership through the transition. Also in November, the Vestry appointed a Search Committee to begin the search for our next Rector. In December, Pastor Ken Greenlee was appointed to serve as the interim rector during the transition.


According to Natural Church Development, our church profile showed very strong results with seven of the eight quality characteristics being above average (>50) and most at about 65. A score of 65 is at about the 83rd percentile mark and means our church is healthier than 83 out of 100 churches in the US area. The lowest score of 48 was in the quality characteristic “Inspiring Worship” which was just below the average score of 50. The weakest component of the Inspiring Worship category was music which brought the overall score down in that category. NCD says that we are a healthy parish and that we should be encouraged by the strength shown in this profile and also will now know where to focus to increase the strength of the lower scores.

The full profile is available upon request for candidates only:


Our principal Sunday Services are:

9 AM Traditional Eucharist Service

10:45 AM Contemporary Eucharist Service with Children’s Sunday School

We also have a “5th Sunday Celebration” combined Eucharist Service at 10 AM on the 5th Sundays within a month (four times per year) and also for baptisms, for confirmations and other Episcopal visits, and for our annual meeting. This is a “blended” service with elements from our traditional and contemporary services.

All services include serious worship; praising God in song, scripture readings in accordance with the ACNA Lectionary, Holy Communion, and prayer. The service is projected onto two screens at the front of the sanctuary. We have prayer teams available to pray, lay-on hands, and anoint from Communion through the end of each service. We also have coffee (and light snack) fellowship available at the end of each service.

Our special services (other than Sunday) include All Saints Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Ascension Day. Wednesday midweek services are usually held in Advent and Lent. These services are typically scheduled for 6:30 PM.

Lay-led Daily Office services of Morning Prayer are held at 7:30 AM Monday through Friday. We have also offered lay-led Evening Prayer at 5:30 PM Monday through Friday in the recent past.


Christ's Church is located at 34558 Avenue E, Yucaipa CA 92399. We are currently in the third year of a 5-year lease from the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA). The site consists of a 4,911 square foot sanctuary which includes a 780 sq ft stage, a 638 sq ft fireside room, a 180 sq ft sacristy, two restrooms, and shared use of a 600 sq ft kitchen. The sanctuary typically seats 92, but is capable of seating 120+, and has a mother's corner at the rear. The campus includes two 500 sq ft classrooms used exclusively by the church, two additional (shared) restrooms, a 78-space paved parking lot, and a lovely large front lawn with several oak trees.

We share the campus with the ARK Christian Preschool, an independent business which uses six additional classrooms and shares the kitchen Monday - Friday. Their children's playground is available to us on Sundays. Use of one or more of their classrooms on Sundays is negotiable, should the need arise.


The following is a list of our current Leadership and Staff:


All volunteer (V)

Senior Warden: Alan Leach

Junior Warden: Ev Foster

Members: John Benson

Marshall Buckler

Katelyn Offringa

Jan Wilkin

Vestry Clerk: Joan Benson

Staff and Leaders:

Part time (PT) and volunteer (V)

Interim Rector (PT): Pastor Ken Greenlee

Parish Administrator (PT): Ron Offringa

Children’s Education (PT): Taylor Milligan

Treasurer (V): Ev Foster

Music Director (PT): Ron Offringa

Keyboardist (PT): Nancee Marin

Sound Technician (PT): Daniel Milligan

Altar Guild Directress (V): Jan Wilkin

Registrar (V): Jan Wilkin

Hospitality Coordinator (V): Sandy Murray



Christ’s Church has had a big emphasis on discipleship and we hope to have a continuing strong emphasis on each member of our congregation developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and an outward emphasis on others in service and evangelism. Some of the ways that we are doing this is by encouraging groups of three (triads) to meet together to study discipleship and then go teach others the ways of discipleship. Some of the other ways we are encouraging a closer walk with God are through:

Bible Studies – offered on weeknights

Prayer Groups and “Everybody Prays,” daily morning prayer, and prayer walks

Cursillo Fourth Day Groups for accountability and fellowship

Our hope and prayer is that every individual at Christ’s Church will become a disciple and a maker of disciples. We plan to continue this emphasis in order to make our body of believers even stronger in the community and in service to one-another.

Evangelism and Outreach

We have had many programs of outreach in our community, hosting cookouts, special events, and summer programs for children. We have “adopted” one of the local elementary schools and are reaching out to them by providing food, warm outerwear, and classroom volunteers. We have had a booth at the local Market Night to introduce ourselves and offer prayer for people. Christ’s Church has a strong mission emphasis and currently supports five missionaries serving around the globe. These ministries are ongoing and we are encouraging all members to participate in reaching our community and beyond for the Lord Jesus.


After both of our Sunday worship services, there are opportunities for fellowship and sharing in our “Fireside Room” with coffee and refreshments. We have several potluck lunches after services, sometimes around special church calendar events. There are quarterly Ultreya fellowships for those who have attended a Cursillo weekend and those who may want to attend a weekend in the future.

Children and Families

Sunday School is offered for pre-school and elementary grades during the second Sunday morning worship service. We are hoping to grow the Sunday School to have it available for all ages. Adult Education is offered throughout the year through courses that are taught on Sunday afternoons, weeknights and sometimes with seminars on weekends. We hope to develop the adult education to attract more participation.


Financial History

When Christ’s Church was formed in 2006, initial giving was close to $120,000 and the mission received a $50,000 gift, making a comfortable reserve. The mission was self-sustaining from the outset. A deacon on his way to priesthood ordination was hired in 2007.

In 2010, the church began meeting at the Yucaipa High School with a capital outlay for chairs, audio-visual equipment, and altar guild items which drew the capital down to $30,000.

In 2011, a second clergy was added. The 2012 budget was $146,000 and increased to $220,000 in 2014.

Christ’s Church now leases a church building, a former Presbyterian Church. Preparing the building for move-in drew reserves down to $22,000.

The 2018 budget was $220,000 with unrestricted reserves at $40,000. The budget for 2019 is set conservatively at $200,000.

Attendance History

Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) began at 35 in 2006 and has increased steadily through the years to a high ASA of 106 in 2014 when a second service was added. The ASA for 2018 was 94. We are looking to grow to an ASA of 150 within the next year.

Numbers from the Registrar

Since 2006, Christ’s Church has had 37 baptisms, 36 confirmations, one wedding, and 12 funerals.

Yucaipa Area Demographics

Christ’s Church is located within a region east of Los Angeles in the valley below the San Bernardino Mountains known as The Inland Empire. The Inland Empire is in western Riverside County and southwestern San Bernardino County covering 27,298 square miles with a population of over 4 million people. Christ’s Church is the only Anglican parish in the Inland Empire and most of our members come from one of the following cities, the largest percentage living in Yucaipa.


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