Taylor Milligan


 I started working in Children’s Ministry when I was in high school. Daniel (now my husband) and I had just started attending a new church and soon after our arrival they asked for volunteers for their Sunday School or they would be forced to close the program. I felt the Lord leading me to volunteer and, well, the rest is history!

 I fell in love with my students, with their openness and curiosity, with how excited they would get to pray and recite their memory verses. I helped them with their spiritual journey and in turn, they helped me with mine…

Teaching has always been my passion and I was overjoyed when I was asked to be Children’s Ministry Director. I strive to make sure that our program is safe, nurturing, and exciting. We want to help our students develop authentic faith and feel comfortable sharing the gospel with everyone they meet!

Daniel and I were married in 2011 and starting attending Christ’s Church as an engaged couple in 2010 when he was hired as their sound engineer. Over the next few years we would face illness, new careers, and the birth of our two beautiful little girls. In 2017 we almost lost Daniel, but the Lord and His mercy chose not only to spare him, but heal him in ways that are nothing short of a miracle. God’s love has no bounds and that is something we strive to teach our girls each and every day and we are so grateful to our church family for helping to instill that truth in them.