Upcoming Events


Day of Deeper Understanding: Join us on Saturday August 4th for an Ultreya. We'll gather at 9am for coffee and refreshments, celebrate the Eucharist at 10am, and enjoy a potluck lunch at noon.

Morning & Evening Prayer: Every morning at 7:30am and evening at 5:30pm we read the Scriptures and pray together. 

Game Night: On August 17th at 6:30pm we'll be having another game night. We'll be playing Fish Bowl. Everyone will write down the name of someone famous (fictional or non-fictional) and put it in the bowl. During round one someone from your team will give you clues to guess the person they drew from the bowl; they can say anything except for the name itself. During round two you'll have to use charades to get your team to guess. During round three you can only use one word. 

Embrace the Journey: Join us for this eight week series to discuss how to embrace aging and dying in a godly way. We will be meeting on Thursdays at 6:00pm beginning August 16th.