Discipleship Groups

At Christ’s Church we have four ways of connecting with our church family during the week to grow as disciples of Jesus. If you would like to join one of these groups or want more information please contact us.

Small Groups

Neighborhood small groups meet during the week for fellowship, study, and prayer. We currently have three active small groups that meet during the week.

4th Day Groups

4th Day Groups are Cursillo-based gatherings designed to encourage one another to be faithful to God and to bring our friends into the kingdom. Though the norm is to join a 4th Day Group after attending the three day Cursillo weekend, it is possible to join a 4th Day Group to learn more about how the Cursillo weekend allows us to draw closer to God and to share his gospel with our friends. We currently have four active 4th Day groups that meet during the week.


Triads are groups of three people who covenant to meet together for one year to grow as disciples and reach out to our friends with the gospel. Given the nature of these groups they are closed to new members, but new triads can begin whenever a former member and two new members are ready.

One-on-One Mentoring

We also have one on one mentoring relationships to disciple and grow individuals. If you’re looking for more focused attention to work through an issue or just want to be personally developed contact us and we can set you up with a mentor.